Hajj, 'Umrah & the Islamic Calendar

Most Muslims who travel from the West in order to perform Hajj will perform Hajj Tamatt’u, or the Separated Hajj (i.e. the 'Umrah and Hajj will be performed separately, and Ihram will be removed in between the two). This method of performing Hajj also means that the pilgrim does not have to bring a hadiye (sacrificial animal) with him from the point of miqat, and so is often the choice for pilgrims travelling from outside of the Arabian Peninsula.

An Overview of the Hajj Rites

Regarding the collection of small stones, please note that this has only been added in this place for convenience on the chart. It is not a requirement, as some people think, that the stoning of the Jamarat be done with pebbles from Muzdalifah. In fact, the pebbles may be taken from anywhere, from Muzdalifah, from Mina, or from any place. The point is that they should be pebbles.{qluetip title=[1]}Please see 'What are the mistakes that some pilgrims make when stoning the Jamaraat?' at IslamQA fatwa #34420.{/qluetip}

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