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Below is a list of some of the zakat calculators available on the web for free.  Paying your zakah is one of the fundamental duties of a Muslim as mentioned both in the Qur'an and in many ahadith of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

This alphabetical list is provided to readers with the intention of highlighting some of the resources available out there to help you calculator your zakat.  We have no association with any of the listed parties and their listing is not a validation by of whether those listed collect & distribute zakat in the correct manner and you need make yourself content in that regard, seeking the guidance of those whom you trust in these affairs if necessary.  It is clear that many of these calculators implement a conservative approach that will result in a 'safe' calculation (i.e. more than may be technically required) - again consult with those you trust in deciding which approach you wish to adopt.

We'll keep updating this list insha'Allah.

Islamic Relief


Islamic Relief is one of the (if not the) largest Muslim charities in the United Kingdom with charitable activities of over £150m in 2021.  Their website provides a good zakat calculator that allows you to enter 6 different categories of income/wealth and 2 categories of liabilities, all in GBP, which the calculator uses to determine the zakat you are due to pay.

  • The nisab value is included in the calculator - on the price of silver in GBP on the day of the calculation.
  • Input fields are quite broad - and you'll need to work out the value of your gold/silver (for example) rather than the calculator doing it for you.
  • Guidance for using the calculator is a bit limited though other pages on the site offer guidance on some issues (but not, for example, on share values to be used).
  • Importantly, their content is reviewed and verified annually by a scholar.
  • During the month of Ramadan, they offer free access to a scholar in order to assist with zakat related queries.
  • You can take your calculation straight through to donate that amount to Islamic Relief.

 Click here to go to the Islamic Relief zakat calculator

Muslim Hands


Muslim Hands is another well known charity in the United Kingdom with charitable activities in 2021 of just over £30m.  Their zakat calculator provides 8 categories of income/wealth and 2 categories of liability, all in GBP.  The calculator provides a handy summary of the total numbers and calculates how much zakah is due.

  • The nisab value is highlighted on the calculator page - on the price of silver in GBP, which is updated regularly.
  • You'll need to calculate the number to go into the input fields - the calculator won't help you work those out.
  • Each input field offers short guidance about what should or shouldn't be included but this is relatively limited.
  • You can take your calculation straight through to donate that amount to Islamic Relief.

 Click here to go to the Muslim Hands zakat calculator

National Zakat Foundation (NZF)


As you can imagine, due to their focus on the collection and distribution of zakat, the calculator at NZF is one of the best available.  Whilst smaller than some of the other charities out there (with charitable activities of just over £5m in 2021) NZF, which was formed in 2011, has a mission statement to "connect every Muslim in the UK through Zakat."  Their calculator is tailored to your individual circumstances, can be saved if needed and offers plenty of guidance on the site.

  • The nisab value is included in the calculator - on the price of silver in GBP on the day of the calculation.
  • You specify the type of income/wealth that is relevant to you, and the calculator will only ask you about those step by step.
  • You can enter gold and silver is grams (as well as GBP) and it will calculator the GBP value for you.
  • Each category of income/wealth offers some guidance around how to calculate the value, which is useful particularly in relation to stocks/shares.
  • There is plenty of related resources on the rest of the site.
  • You can email your calculation to yourself and take your calculation straight through to donate that amount to NZF.
  • All zakat donations are provided to individuals in the United Kingdom.

As a personal donor to NZF, it's also worth noting that their process of how zakat is given in which you can specify the causes you would like to contribute and their later updates on how your zakat was used are excellent and probably best in class in the UK.

 Click here to go to the National Zakat Foundation zakat calculator

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