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My name is Ali Hassan
I lost my parents when I was five.
We struggled to live but now
Like many others, I am not alive.

Life has not been kind to me
Lets hope death brings more joy.
Each day of my life I thought it would be my last.
The hate and pain I suffered are the only memories of my past ...

I was kicked around without pity or remorse.
Tortured and laughed at for no reason or cause.

I was called a terrorist because I was a Muslim
They used to swear at me, and said I belong in the dustbin.
I was innocent and helpless but I still managed to smile.
The world knew what was happening, yet we suffered for more than a while.

Our only defence was rocks and stones.
They killed so many innocent Muslims
The streets lay covered in blood and bones.

Our right to live had become void
Time passed, eventually all was destroyed.

The villages and town were struck by bombs thrown down.
More dead bodies lay all around.
I tried to shout out for help
But no one could hear me yelp.

I looked up at the sky and called for Allah.
I knew my end was near, yet I felt no fear.
I never got to see the world, but maybe it was for the best
These cruel people would never have let us rest.

Now here I am ready for my grave.
These people are cowards and still they call themselves 'the brave'.

I wanted the world to see what these people did.
I wanted to show the world of the crimes they hid.

All we ever did was stand for what was right
We practiced our faith and never asked for this fight.
We were happy as one big family,
But the West cannot bare Muslim unity.

The world believes all Muslims are the same
But the Israelis are the ones who are to blame.
Terrorists, murderers and suicide bombers
Are created not by religion but by reason.

We were innocent just like many of you.
We were not terrorists, murderers and suicide bombers
We were human who had rights too.

The oppressors substance will be drained
And for ever, Israel will have this mark of a murderous stain.

Now that I rest in peace, answer me this,
Was I really a terrorist, did I really deserve this?

I await the Day of Judgment for an answer from you.

لآ اِلَهَ اِلّا اللّهُ مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُوُل الله

La-ilaha illallah Muhammad Rasoolallah