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Perhaps today this world is appealing,
But that judgment day shall be not.
Then regret shall be their sting
That alone shall make them distraught.

We're so attracted to the immediate and temporary.
But we're told the later and lasting is better.
They might want to understand this than be sorry.
Before like dust shall the disbelievers deeds scatter.

What will you achieve by
Associating god with a mere guy?
Does not logic give you the clue
That god is one, not three or two?
What anyway will you gain by
Convincing yourself of this lie?

This day you may choose to disobey,
But fallen you shall be like the metals rust.
For that day the disbeliever will say,
"Oh, I wish that I were dust!"

What benefit will it be tomorrow
If immorality was bought with your wealth?
What benefit will be your body
If society bought it at the cost of your he alth?
What benefit will be your deed
If the ticket to paradise was not the planted seed?

And all the good deeds a disbeliever shall do,
It shall avail him in the next world not even few.
So why not the disbelievers today take heed,
Before like dust shall be scattered their deed.

However if the disbeliever decides to take a step
Let him open the Qur'an, the book of truth,
Then shall he see how long he has slept
But tomorrow shall he taste in paradise the fruit.