Your Poetry
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Hey you
How do you do?
Remember me when I was you?
No actually that's not true
I acted for you
You said you wanted this and that and I did it for you. I lied, stole, slandered, harmed other bodies for you
Even tho I never wanted too
So today we stand here in court reviewing what you made me do
I have no sympathy for you
As you made me do your dirty deeds for you.
Did you even think of me while you was inside of me
When we were one we could have done something greater and pleased our creator but your demand did not cater

I will not cry for you but will stand tall while opposing you like the way you oppressed me too.
You thought we were one but I was lent to you. This hearing is only for you
So listen as every part of me exposes you. I have no love for you
You're a damned soul who never loved me too. I was a gift you but you abused me, isn't that true?

My heart only beated for you
When you was sick I tried my best to heal you. But you didn't do what you were supposed to do. You desired things that weren't for you. You turned dark and ugly and lost your way you fool! You made me do things I shouldn't do. Don't look at me that way I only spoke the truth. Did I not tell you I was a gift you. I did your dirty work for you but now we are separated we are two. I will no longer suffer because of you. I know where your heading rotten soul so good luck too you. This body is no longer for you.