Crisis in Egypt 2013

The following scholars, du'at and academics must be praised for their stance in condemning the actions of the Egyptian military in overthrowing Egypt's leader, killing its civilians and attacking those who choose Islam as their way of life. This praise is indeed great for, in many circumstances, the governments of these scholars themselves have supported the tyrant army and silenced those who dissent from their outlook.

May Allah protect the scholars of virtue and guide us all to His Straight Path.

Person Statement Source
Abu Eesa Niamatullah "You know all those deaf, dumb and blind idiotic Egyptians - such as the liberals, the secularists, the Ikhwan haters in the West, the so-called 'scholars' from every hizb/sect/flavour possible and every other utter fool and their dog - who didn't believe things would get real if they trampled over justice, due process and legitimacy and thus let their brothers and sisters got shot in the head, massacred in their Masajidand burnt alive in their beds? You know those plums?

"Well, let them get used to Mubarak again. I hope he haunts them in their sleep and shows them some of that ole skool love during the day. I pray that he brings some of that medieval shizzle that makes them beg for mercy and clears their minds and makes them finally realise that they were all slaughtered the day they put forward the sincere Muslims to be slaughtered. Ay na'm."

21 August 2013 on Facebook
Yasir Qadhi "To the supporters of the Egyptian coup, I say to you all, from the depths of my heart: Mubarak! Mubarak! And more Mubarak! And may you all be given Mubarak!! For wallahi that is what you all deserve." 22 August 2013 on Facebook
Haitham al-Haddad "It is upon all capable individuals to support their brothers and sisters who are campaigning on behalf of legitimacy and for the preservation of Islam in Egypt. This includes raising awareness, attending demonstrations, delivering messages of support and ... "
Muhammad al-Arafi "I am with Egypt in my heart and my position and my preaching ... " 15 August 2013 on Twitter - translated from Arabic (@MohamadAlarefe)
Hajjaj ibn Fahd al-Ajmi " ... there is no doubt that the Gulf regimes participating in shedding the blood of Egyptians deserve the curse of God." 17 August 2013 on Twitter - translated from Arabic (@hajjajalajmi)
'Abdul-'Aziz 'Abdul-Latif "Supporting the coup and financing butchers and traitors is not fitna and not terrorism and not intervention in the affairs of Egypt, but fitna is calling for the rights of the downtrodden?!" 16 August 2013 on Twitter - translated from Arabic (@dralabdullatif)
Salman al-Awdah "The perpetrators of the coup have, in their murderous ways, exposed the extent of their shame and criminal behavior." 19 August 2013 on Twitter (@Salman_Al_Odah)
  "Whoever helps a murderer – whether by word, deed, financial support, or even a gesture of approval – is an accomplice." 15 August 2013 on Twitter (@Salman_Al_Odah)
Muhammad ibn Nasir as-Suhaybani Various - please see the YouTube video (in Arabic).
Ibrahim ad-Dawish Various - please see the YouTube video (in Arabic).
Muhammad al-Dadou "Strive, may Allah have mercy on you, that you be with the truthful ones in your stance on this so that you get the reward of ribat (stationed in struggle) in the way of Allah and supporting the oppressed and standing with the issues of the Ummah."  
Alomgir Ali "The last few days have been extremely testing for me as the situation in Egypt cannot escape my mind. I am following the events with great care and attention in hope of some sort of relief. This grief was added to when hearing the news of martyrs, some of whom I personally knew. My grief then spiralled upwards when dealing with inhumane people who gloated over the death of unarmed civilians in Egypt and monstrously supported Sisi and his army ... "  
Nabil al-Awadhi "I'm always optimistic with Allah's decree for this Ummah and what takes place to it of struggle and calamity. In my opinion, it's the prelude of a comprehensive change which our Ummah is going through towards honor, dignity, and revival. So be optimistic."  
  "#Egypt is a land of scholars, preachers & good doers. The hypocrites will not be able to suppress the religion in it nor will the tyrants succeed in enslaving its people & their plots will backlash against them."  
  " ... the blood of innocents in flowing in Egypt ... the murderers unleash their bullets without mercy and lay siege to mosques and burn them ... and they want you Muslims to watch in silence!" 16 August 2013 on Twitter - translated from Arabic (@NabilAlawadhy)
Abdur Raheem McCarthy Various - please see the YouTube video.
Nasir al-'Umar "Everyone who carried out or supported the massacre of Rabi'a Al-'Adawiyya, be it even with part of a word, he will fall under the warning of Allah, 'His reward is Jahannam (Hell) where he shall remain forever, and Allah shall be angry with him and shall cast curse upon him, and He has prepared for him a mighty punishment.' " 27 July 2013 on Facebook
Tawfiq as-Sa'geh "Perhaps you and I didn't undertake this killing, the running over, or the burning, but know that whoever blesses the killing, is pleased with it, or participates in it, then know he is a partner in the blood. This is what I can present in a Friday khutbah and there aren't after the words of Allah and the words of the Messenger of Allah any further words."
Shafi Al-Ajmi "O people of Egypt, you have raised our heads after we've been ashamed of the act of the Gulf governments. So glad-tidings to you martyrdom, steadfastness, intimidating the enemies, and confusing the Jews and Christians with your affairs." 17 August 2013 on Twitter - translated from Arabic
Sulayman al-'Alwan "Today we can see in Egypt‬, Sham‬ and other Muslim countries, a war between Islam and Kufr, between Shari'ah and secularism, so there is no place for stopping, so every person should look at which side he stands on because a man will be [resurrected] with those whom he love."  
  "What happened in Egypt was expected as Kufr (disbelief) cannot tolerate Islam even if it were just a name. The war is in its beginning and we will not let down Islam and its people ... Blood is running in Egypt to make Muslims kneel and enslave them to tyranny and we also see the scholars of tyranny employ the Islamic text to justify and safeguard the tyrannical rule ... They (the Ikhwan) are more beloved to us than all of them and it is a part of betrayal to spread their mistake and exposing them publicly."  

"The Muslims of Egypt‬ have to show patience [Sabr], fortify themselves with Tawhid, show attachment to Allah, repent from the sins and defending the Tawagith and show enmity towards them, because this is the path to victory."


"In ‪Egypt‬ the blood flows for the sake of subjugating and enslaving the Muslims to the Tawagith, while we see the scholars of the Tawagith play with the religious texts, justifying the massacres and securing the rule of dictators."


'Abdul-'Aziz at-Tarifi

"Distinguishing between the oppressor and the oppressed in Egypt is not a mystery except for an ignorant whose ignorance has become ingrained, or a person of hawa (vain desire) who is drowning in his hawa."


"The one who remains silent while being capable of aiding the oppressed takes the same ruling as supporting the oppressor. It is narrated in the report [hadith qudsi], 'By My glory and majesty, I shall take revenge against the oppressor and those who saw the oppressed and were capable of aiding them, but did not.' "


"Countries abandoning Allah's Shari'ah for fear of instability and to satisfy those who are far away, is the same argument put forward by the disbelievers of Quraysh, 'And they say, 'If we were to follow the guidance with you, we would be swept from our land.' ' [Al-Qur'an 28:57]"


"Whoever aides disbelief but fights against bid'ah, he is not truthful, for he only fights against bid'ah for the sake of his hawa (vain desire), not for the sake of aiding the truth."


Muhammad Yusri Ibrahim

"Just like the killing of a single Muslims is greater than the destruction of the Ka'bah, similarly saving his blood has a greater reward than expanding the Haram 100 times!"

Twitter - translated from Arabic

Ahmad Jibril

"While the ship is sinking, it's not wise to quarrel with the captain about wrong decisions (he) made!
Wait until you reach the shore."

Twitter - translated from Arabic

Sa'ud ash-Shuraim

"Your happiness and gloating with what has inflicted your brother of calamities, killings, or oppression is an aspect and quality of Hypocrisy which your Heart has absorbed, for Allah mentioned the Hypocrites in the Qur'an and said of them: ' ... and if some [harm or] evil overtakes you, they rejoice at it.' [Al-Qur'an 3:120]"

Translation by Ibn Abbas al-Misri

Muhammad al-Habdan

"I am not surprised of the atrociousness of the crimes in ‪#‎Egypt‬ by the army when I know there are those who give them fatwa [saying] that they are Khawarij who should be killed ... "


'Umar al-Hadushi

"Sa'id Raslan needs to be punished not to be refuted, because the bloods that flows, flows because of his despicable fatwa, he and Zahran, may the curse of Allah be upon them. They need to drink from the glas that the people [of ‪Egypt] have drunk from."


Muhammad Nasir Ash-Suhaybani

" ... unquestionably a military coup and an unlawful and illicit criminal act."

Ali ibn Sa'id Al-Ghamadi

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'Abdul-Aziz ibn 'Abdul-Muhsin al-Turki

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Hasan ibn Salih al-Hamid

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Muhammad ibn 'Abdul-'Aziz al-Khodari

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Muhammad ibn Sulayman al-Barak

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'Abdul-'Aziz Muhammad al-Fawzan

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Be Mindful O Mankind!

A believer covers up and advises [his or her fellow believers], whereas an evildoer exposes and humiliates [others].
Al-Fudayl ibn Iyyad (d. 187H), may Allah have mercy upon him

Never Forget What They Said

“We are fighting human animals and we act accordingly”
Israel's Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, 9 October 2023