Crisis in Egypt 2013

A collection of articles, opinion, videos and more regarding the events in Egypt including (and following on from) the US-backed Egyptian military's removal of Muhammad Morsi from leadership in July 2013.

Written by an Egyptian-American who is currently experiencing the fitna in Egypt with his family:

I thought I would give you an idea of how things are here in Egypt. As most of you know, I came here August 2nd for what was intended to be a vacation with my wife and kids who were already here a month prior. When I booked the tickets long before July 3rd I was looking forward to finally entering a new age of Egypt, one where we can truly have freedom of religion, where I would not have to worry about having a beard when I went through customs. One where progressive positive Islam would be made an example to the world joint with great countries such as Turkey we would be moving forward and finally take Egypt, the Arab world and Islam forward. Needless to say this is far from what is happening, and what we are seeing in Egypt today is worse than what it had been at the Mubarak era.

Before I say anything else, I want to make one thing very clear. All those who think that Egypt's revolution is over are extremely wrong. If there is one thing that history teaches us is that the price of true freedom is very expensive, and no country or nation achieved it without a heavy price. The French revolution did not begin and end in 1789, the US did not win its freedom in weeks or months the Muslims went through years of torture and persecution before even moving to Madina let alone finally taking Mecca. The sad truth is, the revolution of January 25th 2011 was too easy. The state that Egypt was in was not resting solely on the shoulders of Hosni Mubarak but on a whole gang of his lackeys, not just in the military or even in places of power within Egypt but all around the world. What happened January 25th was simple, Mubarak's lackeys saw a losing battle, and instead of fighting a united Egypt and people they simply sold out Mubarak and stayed in power.

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In the video below, you can see the moment that Asma al-Beltaji, 17, is murdered by an army sniper at a protest in Rabaa Al-Adawiya square in Cairo on 14 August 2013. This was the targeted murder of a peaceful protestor, who was aiding other victims - targeted because she was the daughter of the Muslim Brotherhood leader Muhammad al-Beltaji. This wasn't the first time the army used this tactic and neither would be it the last. Whilst we are pained to share this video, it is done to show the world the true reality of what is going on in Egypt. We ask Allah to accept Asma from the martyrs and to give her shade on the Day when there shall be none.

Below the video is also a letter from Asma's father to his murdered daughter, may Allah relieve the pain from his heart.

Please note this video may be considered too graphic for some.

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In light of the devastating massacre that occurred from the dawn of the 14th of August 2013, in Rabaa al-Adawi and other locations in Egypt, it seems it is true that some Egyptians have a short term memory. Among these are the military coup leaders including General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi. They forgot about Husni Mubarak, a President who ruled Egypt for thirty years, succeeding previous dictators who each ruled for more than a decade. Despite Mubarak only recently being deposed of his authority, they have already forgotten how he ended up behind bars.

It also seems that they have never read Islamic or general history. A theme that recurs again and again is that revolutionary movements are never hampered by spilling blood. Rather, blood feeds them with more determination and encouragement. They overlooked the story of the boy and the King mentioned in Sahih Muslim where a whole nation accepts Islam and leaves the disbeliever's camp to that of the believer's after the king killed the boy. Being Egyptians surrounded by ancient Egyptian relics and monuments, did they read what Allah did with the Chief Pharaoh of Egypt?

"Pharaoh said, 'Counsellors, you have no other god that I know of except me. Haman, light me a fire to bake clay bricks, then build me a tall building so that I may climb up to Moses' God: I am convinced that he is lying.' Pharaoh and his armies behaved arrogantly in the land with no right – they thought they would not be brought back to Us – so We seized him and his armies and threw them into the sea. See what became of the wrongdoers! We made them leaders calling [others] only to the Fire: on the Day of Resurrection they will not be helped. We made Our rejection pursue them in this world, and on the Day of Resurrection they will be among the despised." [Al-Qur'an
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The following scholars, du'at and academics must be praised for their stance in condemning the actions of the Egyptian military in overthrowing Egypt's leader, killing its civilians and attacking those who choose Islam as their way of life. This praise is indeed great for, in many circumstances, the governments of these scholars themselves have supported the tyrant army and silenced those who dissent from their outlook.

May Allah protect the scholars of virtue and guide us all to His Straight Path.

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