Your Poetry

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For the truth you gave up so much,
Your beloved Khadija sat by the door waiting patiently for your touch.

In the cave of Hira you sat and prayed,
Allah watched you, all the nights you stayed.

Revelation soon dictated your way,
You fought with your own people so I can know how to pray?

At the battle of Badr you fought bravely that day,
You continued to fight, so you can show me the way.

At Ta'if they stoned you till much blood dripped.
Even that didn't stop you, for our forgiveness you prayed.

At Uhud again you fought... you were so brave!
You were willing to sacrifice your life wounded in that cave.

Your blessed feet swell from standing in prayer,
Your beard witnessed the flows of tear.

You did all this just for me,
So I can find my way to Jannah and forever be free.

Free from sorrow,
Free from pain,
Free from fear of burning in Allah's eternal flame.

Twenty three longs years you struggled for me,
You sent your finest men across the world to ensure your love reaches me.

I look for you where I go, your word your action, your approval is all I want to know.

Your love has reached me, now I know, meaning of true love is what you show!

Ink, word and paper is where I find you.
Its nots enough, so I will wait patiently in hope of a day, when I will stand before you and say ...

YA RASULALLAH I love you too!