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Operation: Da'wah

Good morning, Mr. Abd Allah. Ex-inhabitant of Paradise, the notorious Shaytan Iblis and mastermind of the material intelligence ring: KUFFAR, is seeking revenge on IMF (Islamic Muslim Fundamentalists) after being dismissed from Paradise with the charge of having hostile and arrogant behavior towards his Creator, and tempting his fellow creation to that which is forbidden. Our sources show, that he is using the spiritually lethal weapon, Nafs, which erases the remembrance of Allah and the afterlife from the mind and causes the user to fill his stomach and ego with material attachments and gives disillusions of temporary highs and superficial happiness to lure unsuspecting servants from the Straight Path and blow them into Hell.

Your mission, Abd, should you decide to accept it, is to take the statement of Tawhid and bring the servants back to the Straight Path. You will be equipped with Worship and Tawakkul to fight the Shaytan and his evil Jinn. But these tools will only work when combined with the Pure Heart. This, you will find in the Valley of Purification. There, you will need to wash yourself with the water from the River Repentance, and only then, will you be able to enter the Cave of Knowledge. Once there, you will meet your guide, by the name of 'the Rasool (saw),' who will train you in the ways of the IMF Agents, and take you to the station of Self Annihilation. It is only when you reach this station, will you be able to confront and overcome Shaytan and destroy the deadly Nafs. If you so happen to get lost on your way, consult your IMF guidebook: Qur'an and Sunnah.

As always, should you or any of your IMF be caught, you will be condemned to Hell. And if killed, the Angel will disavow any knowledge of your sinful actions and you will be brought back to your Lord. This message will self-destruct on the Day of Judgement.

Fi amani Illah Abd.