Your Poetry

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As usual it was raining outside
The blessed water from Allah, falling far and wide
I spent my time in my room on my computer
As usual I e-mailed to my sister.
Suddenly, there's pain on my fingers,
Yikes! The pain won't stop, it just continues and strikes!
I looked at my fingers, what did I see?
WORMS crawling, eating, biting looking squirmy
Tearing away the flesh that I adore
My fingers are pretty no more.

Oh no! I quickly jumped from my seat
The worms take my fingers for meat!
I shook my arms, but the the worms ate away,
Biting, tearing my flesh and determined to stay.

"Allah! What did I do wrong?
Why are the worms so strong?"
Then an inner voice said to me

"O Muslim, this is your tragedy.
You wasted your fingers on deeds sinfully.
Was it not you who sent the fake e-mail?
You spread rumours and forwarded tall tales.
Your fingers typed in insults towards our Muslim scholars.
You hurt their feelings and harrassed the others.
You designed a webpage to insult Islam.
Your fitnah are worse than drinking rum!
You even flirted with the opposite sex on cyberspace
You even used seductive words and dirty phrases!

Instead of having meaningful discussions
You come in all ready for sensations.
Have you forgotten when you die?
Your fingers bear account and they can't lie.
Your mouth will be shut but the fingers will reveal
Everything which you typed on the keyboard to kill.

Your fingers keep no secret and speak for all to know
Repent now! Stop typing insults for show!"

I said "I promise! I promise! I'll stop it!"

Then the rain stopped the room was lit.
My hear drummed wildly, my thoughts full of fear.
When I looked at my fingers, the worms disappear...

(If you belong to the above category, repent now. For our Lord Allah knows it all.)