Your Poetry

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Muslims of the world, where does your glory lie?
Once a sun upon the world to shed light far and wide.
And not from your own talents was this crown placed upon your head,
But from Ar-Rahmaan Most High, yet we've left our glory dead.

This is not of mourning those wonderful of days,
When the praise of Allah was heard, and we lived our prophet's ways,
But I wish to impress upon you the reason for our defeat,
The love of wealth, the fear of death, now we're underneath their feet.

He told us before, that holiest of men,
He told us many things with the words that Allah sent,
But we left them on the shelf and failed to take them to our hearts,
And now we cry dark tears of blood as our lands are torn apart.

None of us were anything before Islaam made us real,
Glorify Ar-Rahmaan Most High and celebrate the steel,
Islaam is our steed which if we ride we'll surely win,
Give praise to God, put trust in Him and keep away from sin.

Qur'an is our battle-plan, revelation is our fort,
We draw our water from the well of Allah and His Prophet's words,
Fear Allah young soldiers and on His words take heed,
The enemy has no ground to stand, but we have pure Tawheed!

Wake up Muslimeen, this world will surely pass us by,
And what will all your riches earn the day ordained to die?
Seek comfort with Allah, and not the evanescent,
Raise high the flags of warfare beneath the dying crescent.