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Human Sacrifice in India

The True Hinduism

PATNA, India: Police in the eastern Indian state of Bihar on Friday dug up the remains of two teenage girls alleged to have been killed by their father in a ritual human sacrifice earlier this week. Kishor Kunal, a police official at Runisaidpur in Sitamarhi district, 160 km north of state capital Patna, said 18-year-old Renu Kumari and 13-year-old Anu Kumari were killed with a sword and then their limbs were cut into pieces.

"This is a case of human sacrifice during the festival," Kunal said. Police said the father had fled since the incident in Vasudeopur village. The human sacrifices were part of the recent 10-day Hindu festival of Dassera when people pray to Durga, a goddess who symbolises strength and power, according to police and villagers.

Police said a 40-year-old villager was also killed in Mahauli village in Muzaffarpur district, 85 km north of Patna in an incident related to human sacrifice. "A man came running with a spear, yelling "Jai Ma Durga" and slashed the head of the person sitting at a tea stall," said Akhileshwar Das, deputy superintendent of police.

He said infuriated villagers chased the man and thrashed him with rods and sticks until he died. The man confessed, while he was being beaten, that he had pledged to sacrifice a person to appease the gods.

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