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The War on IRAQ



Disclaimer: The views expressed in these articles are entirely those of the respective authors and are not the views held by There are within these articles interesting and occasionally important observations and analysis that are almost entirely absent from mainstream media outlets. Consequently, they are required reading for understanding the larger context of the current situation, hence their (limited) inclusion in this site. However, and in addition to this disclaimer, we must remind the Muslims that the authors of these articles, the articles themselves, and any associated websites should be approached with caution.


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'Poised and Ready' - Deborah Caldwell
'It was an outrage, an obscenity' - Robert Fisk
Thank you, President Bush - Paulo Coelho
Peter Freundlick on the War
The Euro and the War on Iraq - Amir Butler
One Rule for Them - George Monbiot
Whats the Difference Mr Bush? - Voice of the Daily Mirror
Gulf States May Be Next: British MP - Roger Harrison
Plans Under Way for Christianising Iraq - Mark O'Keefe
Blood Money - William Rivers Pitt
Peaceniks lost the war but changed the shape of battle - Jonathan Freedland
Conflict Sapping Forces' Morale - Andrew North
First Day of Iraq War Exposes Further Hypocrisy - Islamic Human Rights Commission
The President's Real Goal in Iraq - Jay Bookman
Blair's Hypocrisy - Eric S. Margolis
The War of Misinformation has Begun - Robert Fisk
Al Qaeda's Iraqi Link Snapped
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